Category: Launchers and utilities
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, 11
Program Status: Free
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TLauncher - one of the best launchers for the game of Minecraft, which has a lot of useful options that can come in handy for any minecrafter. The basic function of this software shell is to load and launch the game client. Thanks to this, you now do not have to do everything in manual mode - with the help of the Launcher you can install Minecraft of any version with the selected mod (with support for Forge and OptiFine) in a few clicks. It is enough to specify the desired parameters in the drop-down menu and click on the button "Install". As a rule, the time of downloading the game client does not exceed one minute. Another plus of TLauncher is that it can offer you a choice of several free servers with different game options and a large number of gamers. The top ones are updated every day, just like the launcher itself. The developers of TLauncher do not stop improving the shell, expanding the set of useful options and improving its functionality. All information about the latest changes is published in the main window of the program. At the moment of writing this review the most interesting option, in our opinion, is the ability to change character skins and various objects of the game world. TLauncher is compatible with both official (licensed) and pirated versions of Minecraft. Launcher is able to calculate the optimal performance of the game based on the available hardware resources. In addition, you can manually set the amount of RAM that will be used by the game client (this is very convenient if you are using the game's client for the first time).

Main features:

  • Ability to download and run different versions of the game with the required mods;
  • the function of optimizing the graphics engine (increasing FPS) and manually set the amount of consumed RAM;
  • constantly updated server TPOs with a quick one-click connection;
  • possibility to change character skins and other game objects;
  • constantly updated information about the latest improvements;
  • user-friendly interface in Russian.

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