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Android OS is installed on most new generation smartphones and mobile devices. This operating system has its own application store - Play Market. The amount of downloaded content is constantly growing. Statistics show that games and applications added to the Play Market exceed the total number of owners of smartphones and tablets with Android OS. Google's operating system is installed not only on portable devices.
Daichi Daichi
Daichi is a software that gives a person the ability to control the operation of air conditioners from a distance. The interface of the utility has Russian language localization. There is an option
  • 60
SeasonHit SeasonHit
SeasonHit is a mobile utility that allows you to watch movies and TV series and download them to the memory of your Android gadget. The program has compatibility not only with tablets and phones, but
  • 80
Toca Life World Toca Life World
Toca Life World is a specialized program with which you can create original worlds and bring to reality the craziest ideas point it supports a variety of locations and characters that can be actively
  • 80
Doctor Online Doctor Online
Doctor Online is a utility that allows one to receive medical services remotely. With the help of the program, a person can consult with doctors, monitor the time of taking medicines and much more.
  • 40
RoboForm RoboForm
RoboForm is a useful Android utility that allows a person to store passwords from social network accounts and other web resources in a safe place. The application also allows you to save information
  • 40
Lets VPN Lets VPN
Lets VPN is a program through which users can connect to foreign servers to bypass regional blockages. In addition, the application allows you to hide your real location. The interface of the utility
  • 100
Night Player Night Player
Night Player is an Android program with a simple interface through which you can watch videos in various formats, including AVI and MKV. It is allowed to customize the aspect ratio and screen
  • 100
Glide Glide
Glide is an Android app for sharing clips and photos. You can add captions and use filters from the set. Camera recording is supported.AuthorizationTo access the functionality, you need to create an
  • 20
Squad Squad
Squad is an Android app that allows you to show off your screen while chatting on a video call. You can launch group chats to view content together. VideoThe program allows you to quickly organize
  • 100
Bridgefy Bridgefy
Bridgefy is a messenger utility with an English-language interface. The program functions are available to the user even when there is no connection to the network. It is possible to customize the
  • 80
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