Category: Telnet/SSH
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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The downloadable PuTTY software is a client for remote access network protocols. The application also performs emulator functions. The program is in open and absolutely free access. PuTTY is primarily aimed at programmers and network administrators. Therefore, for inexperienced users or amateurs, installing PuTTY can be a pointless endeavor.


The main task of the software is to perform and support interaction with multiple protocols. The application can work with various application layer network protocols, among them SSH/Telnet/rlogin. Of the proposed three, the first is considered the most secure in operation, as it increases the level of protection by encrypting the transmitted information, which the other two do not do. Among additional protocols are Rlogin, Serial and RAW. While working with Pati, you get the following opportunities:
  • remote access to different versions of Windows operating systems;
  • formatting of connection lists and parameters;
  • public key authentication;
  • configuration of routers and routers;
  • diagnostics of arising problems and their elimination;
  • emulation of terminals like xterm, ECMA-48 and VT-102.
Commands can be controlled and executed via the command line interface.

Additional information

The official software has an interface completely in English. For those who want to work in the Russian graphical shell, there is a russifier created by professionals, which is enough to install and get a fully translated interface of Pati. The program supports installation from removable media, or direct launch through them. So PuTTY can not be installed on portable devices and comfortably operate in the work. The window of the working program can be made transparent, and the software supports hotkey control during operation.


  • Work with various network protocols;
  • Large list of functions and features when working with protocols;
  • Difficult to understand interface;
  • The software is available on a conditionally free distribution model;
  • The software does not have Russian localization, but if desired, you can download and install an unofficial Russifier and get a fully Russian interface.
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