Category: TV and Radio
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 210 085


FRY TV is a utility, the main purpose of which is to view TV channels in real-time mode via P2P technology. This software is designed for portable Android-based gadgets.

How to use it?

Before you start interacting with the utility, you need to download additional software - Ace Stream (player). It is worth noting that it is not possible to view TV channels without it. FRY TV is a kind of communicator between torrent channels and the player. In it you can select a channel and then go to the player and watch TV there. It is worth noting that the software works on the principle of a torrent tracker, in other words, the more users watch a certain channel, the higher the speed of distribution.


The application contains about two thousand free TV channels. You can watch any of them both on a portable device and on Android TV set-top boxes. The utility implements a global filter, through which the search for channels is carried out quite quickly. Also, to facilitate navigation, all broadcasts are distributed by category. According to the developers, all the implemented content is absolutely free. They also claim that the software will never require paid subscriptions. An important fact is that the utility completely lacks advertising content.


  • A kind of communicator between torrent channels and the player;
  • you need to install the player additionally to watch;
  • about 2000 free TV channels;
  • TV channel, which is in the "Favorites" tab, can be identified by a green dot in the right corner;
  • has only Russian language interface;
  • a TV channel that has disappeared from the "Favorites" tab can be identified by a red dot;
  • when you click on a category again, it switches to HD quality;
  • works on the principle of a torrent tracker;
  • No advertising and no paid content;
  • Distributed under a free license;
  • Supports all modern versions of the Android operating system.

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