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Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

Huawei Unlock Code Calculator
Category: Other (Network)
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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Huawei Unlock Code Calculator is a program that installs software (flashes) modems of the Chinese brand "Huawei". In this utility you get codes for the hidden features of the modem and flash the portable device. Previously, program codes for Huawei modems cost money. Using this program, you get the firmware and additional features of the network router for free. This program is distributed in a portable version and selects codes that open new abilities for modems with IMEI-firmware.

Program features

Use HUCC and get keys that use first and second version algorithms. Modern versions of the utility support new generation v201 algorithms. This firmware version works only on new modem models. Do not download the "firmware" yourself. First find out what software version is installed on your modem and its algorithm. Log on to technical forums and read detailed information about updating the firmware of your portable device. Determine the IMEI of your modem and then download the firmware. The IMEI is indicated on the modem packaging. HUCC program is simple and convenient. The settings and graphical interface are not complicated even for a beginner. Before flashing the device, enter IM EI in the field and click on the "Calc" key. Wait for the utility to configure the unlock codes. Picking up the generated code is not a long process. The utility scans the Flash code, which will be useful when uploading the firmware to the modem. If the codes found by the program are not suitable, do not continue the selection in automatic mode. After ten attempts your device will be locked and will not work.


Huawei Unlock Code Calculator is a handy utility that is distributed for free and does not require installation. Using the portable mode, you do not need to waste time installing the software. Run the executable file and work in the utility. HUCC runs on old and new builds of Windows OS. The utility does not need to install any auxiliary programs.

Key features

  • unlock codes selection and working with algorithms of different versions;
  • displaying Flash-key, which is necessary for "flashing" the modem;
  • entering IMEI-code;
  • the program does not require installation and works in portable mode;
  • the shell is simple and clear, with one working window.

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