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Category: Webcams
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 321 311


ViewPlayCap is a program that manages work with USB endoscopes. This software installs drivers to ensure correct operation of the endoscopes, and also broadcasts the "picture" from the camera. ViewPlayCap can be downloaded for free. The program detects USB endoscopes that are connected to a computer. The software has a convenient toolbar, which contains the necessary tools and functions. This driver controls the operation of the endoscope and broadcasts video from IP cameras that are connected via USB versions 1.0 and 2.0. If you have the 3.0 version, get ready for image freezing.


The main feature of the program is automatic connection and configuration of devices. After connecting the endoscope, the software immediately finds the necessary libraries and starts the device. In ViewPlayCap you record video and create screenshots. The program has few graphic formats that you can use to save finished videos and photos. The program is created in a modern design and allows you to customize the working environment. Take advantage of the picture settings and "tweak" the effects. Using the sliders, you can specify the main color parameters, as well as change the resolution of the picture. After small adjustments, you will make a clear image by adding brightness and contrast. The main disadvantage of ViewPlayCap is poor performance on newer builds of OS Windows. Especially often bugs appear on "OS Windows 10". The software is installed in the system without unnecessary fuss, and the drivers immediately find the equipment. If you want to run the program without restrictions, then enter the properties of the exe file, and then put compatibility with Vista or 7, indicating a check mark next to the item that "runs under an administrator".


All ViewPlayCap working tools are located in the main window, i.e. in one panel. It is located just above the broadcast window. A small disadvantage of this software is the lack of Russian localization and a file for Russification. If you are not familiar with a foreign language, use a translator.

Key features

  • full-fledged broadcast of the picture from the connected endoscope;
  • the software has no problem downloading drivers that are necessary for operation;
  • the program supports broadcasting from IP-cameras;
  • there is a function that records video and creates screens;
  • the software is designed to run and work in the shell OS Windows new generation;
  • the program is available for download in free mode.
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