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Animate It
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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Animate It! Animate Man is a non-trivial synthesis of various graphic styles and exciting gameplay. The target audience of the application is everyone who is fond of animation. The software is designed for Android devices. This project does not require from the user special knowledge in the field of programming. A number of basic types of heroes are implemented:
  • Minecraft format;
  • multi-joint mannequin.
After the hero type is selected, the user will be able to place it in a certain shell, which can be a superhero or a character from a TV series. Then, after the final selection of the character's appearance, the user can put any object in his hands. The full version of the utility allows you to choose from an extensive range of tools and parts. Among other things, the ability to change the height and size of the character is realized. Then you need to adjust all the movements and alternately save the resulting frames. The developers have tried their best, so users can set even the most primitive movements. The hero stands on a separate platform, and the user can place various obstacles in his path, including buildings, cars and other equipment needed at a certain stage of modeling. Provided the ability to:
  • customize the color of the constructor;
  • to align planes;
  • build fun mechanisms.
If you move the camera in several planes, you can fully enjoy the three-dimensional space. The full version of the utility allows you to engage an assortment of tools and construction parts, as well as download new skins.

Key features

  • The target audience of the application is everyone who is fond of animation;
  • the ability to independently build and adjust the character, as well as to choose the shell and download individual developments;
  • the ability to retouch all scenes in which the character will be present;
  • approximately 30 main frames in one clip and more than 20 files to work together;
  • the ability to copy, paste, mirror and reset poses;
  • the ability to add user skins (up to ten png images);
  • the ability to set the number of repetitions and frames, which will ensure the smoothness of the video;
  • support for the Android operating system, starting from version 2.0 and newer.
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