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An open file operating system has poor security. There are many viruses, spyware and other threats created for Android OS. Do not download applications and games from suspicious resources to avoid virus infection. A big danger for a device running Android OS is public Wi-Fi hotspots. When connecting to a wireless network in cafes, parks and other public places, turn on an antivirus program and use a firewall or VPN client. By surfing the network via a VPN connection, you protect your device from network attacks, block personal data, and leave no traces of your network activity. Install an antivirus and firewall for safe browsing on the Internet, and also use free VPN clients (Turbo VPN, VPN Master, Opera VPN).
RoboForm RoboForm
RoboForm is a useful Android utility that allows a person to store passwords from social network accounts and other web resources in a safe place. The application also allows you to save information
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Lets VPN Lets VPN
Lets VPN is a program through which users can connect to foreign servers to bypass regional blockages. In addition, the application allows you to hide your real location. The interface of the utility
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Virus Hunter 2022 Virus Hunter 2022
Virus Hunter 2022 is a necessary application for smartphone with which you can analyze your device for viruses and other threats. The analysis is performed while scanning all files that are available
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Kaspersky Secure Connection Kaspersky Secure Connection
Kaspersky Secure Connection is an Android application that provides reliable protection of network connection. The use of strong encryption ensures secure data exchange even if the connection is made
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Authy 2 Authy 2
Authy 2 is an Android application that allows you to take full advantage of two-factor authentication. This mode allows you to increase the security level of your account through additional login
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Avast Avast
Avast is an extremely useful application for Android smartphones, with which you can protect yourself from malware, spyware and so on. It performs a comprehensive scan of the file system, checks all
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KeepLock KeepLock
KeepLock is an Android application that allows you to restrict access to personal files on your mobile device. It is possible to set a password for access to certain applications. The function of
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Privary Privary
Privary is a free Android utility that allows users to hide various data stored in the memory of their portable device. There is an option to send files to Google's cloud storage.Data protectionWhen
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Norton Norton
Norton is a software that is responsible for protecting your Android device from all kinds of threats. There is an opportunity to check the memory of the device for various viruses, spyware and more.
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Webroot Webroot
Webroot is an antivirus for the Android platform. It provides reliable protection from modern threats, blocks dangerous sites, and allows you to protect personal information. AntivirusThe program
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