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System: Android 4.0
Program Status: Free
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VideoMix is a mobile application for watching your favorite movies and TV series online. The application has a rich library of videos, which is replenished from free sources.


This application is a free movie theater on your smartphone. VideoMix aggregates video content of different nature from free services into a database. Then the program catalogs the collected material and gives each user active links to the received video files.


The main advantage of the software is its huge database of videos. Thus, the user can find any movie or series that interests him. There are no questions about the quality either, as the video content is presented only in high resolution from 1080p to 4K. Viewing is available both online and offline. For offline viewing you can simply download your favorite video to your phone. VideoMix is closely integrated with various torrent clients, so the program first offers to download a torrent file, which is used to download the movie or series. Each video has a separate page, where the movie is accompanied by detailed information: poster, plot, cast list, ratings on authoritative Internet resources and so on. Favorite materials can be added to the category "Favorites". Also a big plus of the application is the ability to choose the voice of the video.


The first thing that catches your eye is the awkward interface and the lack of normal categorization. Navigation in the application is done at a poor level. Nevertheless, a large number of users confirm the fact that this interface is quite acceptable. The second drawback of the application is the lack of a built-in player. VideoMix uses third-party external players. Of course, the native player is also suitable for viewing, but it's better to install the advanced one KMPlayer or VLC Media Player and the last disadvantage of the software is the presence of limitations on the quality of video resolution. Some online resources that provide access to viewing a movie or TV series, do not allow you to choose a quality higher than 720p.


  • A huge library of videos for every taste;
  • the possibility of both online and offline viewing;
  • inconvenient application interface;
  • lack of a built-in player;
  • choice of voice-over options.
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