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Regularly clearing the memory of unnecessary files, applications and processes on Android OS speeds up its performance and makes it stable. Windows OS loses performance and needs maintenance like other operating systems. Having bought a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) on OS Android, after six months of active work of the device, you will notice the deterioration of the performance of the device. Use "cleaners" and increase the speed of the device. Install updates via the Internet or manually update the "firmware" of the device using special manuals and utilities.
Daichi Daichi
Daichi is a software that gives a person the ability to control the operation of air conditioners from a distance. The interface of the utility has Russian language localization. There is an option
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Toca Life World Toca Life World
Toca Life World is a specialized program with which you can create original worlds and bring to reality the craziest ideas point it supports a variety of locations and characters that can be actively
  • 80
Xbox Family Xbox Family
Xbox Family is a useful utility through which parents can monitor the time their children spend playing games. It is designed for those who own a family account of the same name. It can be downloaded
  • 20
Amaze File Manager Amaze File Manager
Amaze File Manager is a useful software for android devices that performs file manager and utility manager options. It can be used to create bookmarks to quickly search for relevant content and
  • 0
OfficeSuite OfficeSuite
Office Suite is a smartphone program that runs on the Android operating system. Its main task is to create presentations, tables and documents. The developers have implemented a cloud, where you can
  • 40
Button Mapper Button Mapper
Button Mapper is a useful program for android smartphones, which is designed to reassign buttons on the gadget. That is, users can set the appropriate actions to work more conveniently with a variety
  • 100
RockScout RockScout
RockScout is a mobile client for devices that run on the Android operating system. Its main purpose is to allow users to listen to tracks while traveling. It supports importing music tracks from
  • 100
Hi Q MP3 Hi Q MP3
Hi Q MP3 is an application for android gadgets with which you can record conversations, speeches, lectures and more. It guarantees high sound quality and allows you to select the bitrate.
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Dolby On Dolby On
Dolby on is a specialized program for android that allows you to improve the sound quality of video and audio recordings. With its help, you can get rid of background noise, increase the sound
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Interior ai Interior ai
Interior ai is a program that works on the principle of a neural network. It is needed to easily simulate the arrangement of furniture in your apartment or house, without creating a full 3D model.
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