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Hirens BootCD

Hirens BootCD
Category: Bootable media
System: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Program Status: Free
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Hirens BootCD is a bootable disk that is fully loaded with a huge number of special programs and utilities that can be used to cure your computer system of various infections, as well as to maintain it, clean it and much more. A very big plus is that you can create images from the disk, which can be written to any removable media, which has enough space. By the way, the best program for this purpose is Rufus the "boot disk" format will allow you to use the tools even from a created image, in cases where Windows can not be started. Some utilities work in the so-called DOS mode. There are also LiveCD antivirus programs. If your computer has caught a virus that does not allow you to scan or even start the system, this will be a great solution for such a problem. Also, as part of Hirens BootCD there are tools that allow you to deal with individual threats. For example, the "fix", will be able to close those holes used by the WannaCry virus, which caused quite a lot of hype. There are many programs on the disk that can be used in cases where the operating system cannot be started. There are programs that collect data about it in a very convenient format, various solutions that provide remote access, system cleaners, virus scanners and much more, there are even programs that are graphic editors and driver managers. Each new update of this disk - replenished with a huge number of programs, as well as updating everything that is already on the disk. However, the developers strive to optimize the weight of the program so that it can be written on just one CD-disk. Initially the program was developed as an assistant for sysadmins, as well as all those who are engaged in the reanimation of Windows, but given that the modern user knows more and more, many people will find such a disk very useful today.

Key Features

  • A large selection of programs to resuscitate Windows in a variety of situations;
  • Simple boot menu;
  • Allows you to work with graphical shells and consoles;
  • Low weight;
  • Official versions of many antiviruses;
  • The download is completely free.
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