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Standard Windows OS maintenance tools are not perfect - this is a well-known fact for active users of the system. Cleaning, optimization, hard disk defragmentation, program autorun management, backup and diagnostics are tasks that are better performed by third-party programs. This section is created for such utilities.
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Advanced Archive Password Recovery
Advanced Archive Password Revovery is a software for Windows. Its main task is to allow the user to recover a password from an archive. The software supports a huge number of formats, including the
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CKAN is a utility that can be installed on a Windows-based device. Thanks to it, you can add a mod to the game or get rid of it, as well as check the dependency. Moreover, you can clear the memory
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Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio is a specialized utility with which you can make videos. The stages of their production can be classified into recording, modifying and saving. To realize all stages, the developers
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MAGIX Music Maker MAGIX Music Maker
The free program MAGIX Music Maker has functions aimed at creating musical compositions. Any user can cope with the possibilities, which is made possible by the simple interface and the absence of
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Music Editor Free Music Editor Free
Music Editor Free is a free application with functions aimed at editing various music files. With its help, you can perform simple editing to improve sound quality, remove unnecessary fragments and
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UnHackMe UnHackMe
UnHackMe is an application that aims to increase the user's security. It is worth installing for anyone who actively uses a computer or laptop while downloading various files on the Internet.
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Streaming Audio Recorder Streaming Audio Recorder
Streaming Audio Recorder is a simple program with which you can record sounds on your computer. It can work with a wide variety of audio sources, including software sources. How to work with the
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Rhino Rhino
Rhino is an advanced tool that can be used to create three-dimensional objects on a PC. In addition to the modeling functions themselves, the utility also has built-in tutorials that can make it much
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HDD Low Level Format Tool HDD Low Level Format Tool
HDD Low Level Format Tool for Windows provides traceless erasure of all information stored on a hard drive or removable media. The application performs low-level formatting, which writes zeros to the
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UltraHLE UltraHLE
UltraHLE is a free Windows program that acts as a handy emulator. With it, users can enjoy projects from the Nintendo 64 console. A large number of customizable settings are available. There is
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