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Modern mobile devices are created in a fully technical form. They do not require the introduction of a computer or laptop for their service. The iOS and Android operating systems do not require special conditions to download and install software updates. These operating systems have tools that troubleshoot and solve many problems, just like a computer OS. Connecting to a computer is useful if you need to “transfer” files from a mobile device and the computer’s hard drive (or vice versa). Any smartphone and tablet can run out of memory. Owners of devices that record video with high picture quality (2K and 4K). A mobile device with Android OS will require a connection when manually flashing the device or obtaining Root rights.
Genymobile Genymobile
Genymobile is a Windows application that is an Android emulator. You can fully run mobile applications and games. It supports debugging mode and the ability to use basic smartphone functions. It is
  • 100
MobiMover MobiMover
MobiMover is a handy Windows application that can be used to quickly transfer files from Apple devices. The program supports all file formats, including photo and document resolutions for text
  • 40
iPhone Recovery iPhone Recovery
iPhone Recovery is a computer utility that helps you recover lost data on Apple's mobile device. In addition, the program's toolkit allows you to eliminate various malfunctions in the functioning of
  • 40
Apple Devices Apple Devices
Apple Devices is a convenient application for OC Windows, with its help you can manage mobile devices from the Apple brand. The program has a lot of functionality, including the ability to download
  • 80
Nokia Suite Nokia Suite
Nokia Suite is an application for connecting PCs and smartphones from Nokia. It should be noted that this program can work only with the most modern models. If you are a user of one of the older
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Samsung Flow Samsung Flow
Samsung Flow is a free Windows program that allows you to synchronize files and other data between your laptop or computer and your portable gadget. You can transfer music, text documents, videos,
  • 100
Rootkhp Rootkhp
Rootkhp is a Windows app for getting maximum privileges on your mobile device and unlocking additional features. A large number of devices are supported. To work, you need to connect your tablet or
  • 60
Syncios Syncios
Syncios is a software for Windows devices starting from version 7. The functionality implemented in the application allows users to manage files of the mobile device. It allows you to transfer data
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Send Anywhere Send Anywhere
Send Anywhere is a Windows application for conveniently sending files of various types to mobile devices. You can save information to cloud storage and send only the received link. Different types of
  • 40
CardRecovery CardRecovery
CardRecovery is a highly specialized application that works on Windows-based laptops and desktops. The purpose of the utility is to recover damaged or accidentally deleted files. The application can
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