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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Zvooq is a mobile application from the audio hosting service of the same name, designed to legally listen to and purchase your favorite music on your smartphone. The application works online and offers access to the music service "Zvooq", where more than 25 million songs from 800,000 artists and 55,000 labels are presented.

Service description

The application from the music service offers a large selection of music and ready-made playlists. The large genre diversity of the service, ranging from heavy metal to elegant classics, is sure to find its listener. The application has both fresh musical novelties and works of the past centuries. The rich database of cloud hosting has millions of tracks from numerous artists, so there will be no problems with finding the right song. The application regularly compiles various ratings. For example, you can listen to the top 100 popular songs of the week, top artists, top playlists, top releases and so on. Also an interesting innovation is the ability to listen to music from series and favorite TV shows from the TNT channel.


In online mode, each user can listen to music absolutely free of charge. The main plus of the service is its policy. Zvooq strictly respects copyrights, so visitors of the service listen only to licensed products. Also music products are presented in high quality, namely bitrate 320 kbps for each track. The application itself has a built-in equalizer, thanks to which the listener can set personal sound parameters and enjoy music according to their own rules. It is worth adding that numerous reviews of Zvooq users note the stable and correct operation of the software, good performance on a slow Internet connection and low battery consumption of the smartphone. The only limitation of the service is the ability to listen to songs in offline mode. In order to download music from the catalog to your phone and listen at any time, you need to pay a premium subscription of the application. However, even in this situation, you remain in the plus, because the paid subscription of the application costs an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors.


  • multimillion library of the service with a large genre diversity;
  • copyright compliance and provision of only licensed products;
  • free online music listening;
  • integration with the Shazam app;
  • various regular ratings and playlists of music tracks for everyone;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android OS.
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