Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Slidejoy is an Android app that allows you to earn real money by watching advertising content. Various formats are used, including short videos. For withdrawal you can use the account PayPal


to access the functionality, you need to register in the system. Date of birth, name, e-mail are requested. It is also necessary to immediately allow the application window to be displayed on top of other desktop elements. This is necessary for the correct display of advertising blocks, otherwise the system will not count the display.

Viewing advertisements

Rollers and ad units are displayed every time you unlock your device. In order for the reward to be credited, you need to read the text completely, and then swipe your finger to go to the next page. Internal currency is used for accruals. After accumulation, you can withdraw them or transfer them to a charity fund. There is also an opportunity to purchase gift certificates from various stores. A referral system is provided. In the settings you can get a referral link and use it to invite other users. All referrals and their statistics are displayed in a separate tab. Notifications about new payments are supported. The display mode can be specified in the settings. You can also select the advertising display mode. A full description of the rules is available in the help section. All the main settings and options are considered, you can also find all financial issues. There is an opportunity to contact the support service in case of problems, they answer quite promptly, all controversial issues are always solved.


  • additional income on viewing advertising;
  • supported withdrawal to an electronic purse;
  • permission is required to display elements on top of other windows;
  • referral system;
  • free download.
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