Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines
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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Turkish Airlines is a utility that was released by the Turkish airline of the same name. With its help, you can buy airline tickets, book a hotel and rent a vehicle. The program can be downloaded to a mobile device that is running Android. You can also check flight schedules and check-in online. If you wish, you can add additional services to your booking, including flight insurance and luggage transportation.

Airplane tickets

First, you need to download the program and install it on your own smartphone. After waiting for the installation to complete, you can start testing it. During the first launch, users will encounter information about sales and discounts. It is possible to buy an airplane ticket at affordable prices by selecting the optimal number of passengers and travel date. It is also possible to save the selected flight and continue booking on another electronic device. To purchase a ticket, you need to enter passenger information and choose the best payment method. The application allows you to use a credit or debit card of any bank, as well as to make a deposit and fix the price of the flight for the next day. As a result, it is necessary to continue the booking procedure or abandon this venture.


The mobile client includes all data about flights operated by the Turkish company of the same name. You can see the flight schedule for the nearest time or any other date. The option of online registration is available here, which starts the day before the flight. To realize this goal, you will need to specify the reservation number and the passenger's last name.


  • the opportunity to buy air tickets from the company of the same name in Turkey;
  • the opportunity to register online for the flight;
  • possibility to rent a car and book a hotel.
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