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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Bookfinder is a useful Android program that helps you search for literary works. The utility database contains information about many libraries, as well as online services. It allows you to sort the search results. The program has an easy to learn interface in Russian.

Application features

The program acts as a convenient search engine for finding literary works. Book works are searched on many resources, including, Spinger Nature, Open Library, Goodreads and Apple Books. It is worth noting that you can use the program completely free of charge. There are no paid features in the application. However, the utility has banners with advertising content. To start searching for literature, a person needs to choose any book resource from the list provided. If desired, you can select several libraries and online services at once. Then the user will need to specify the search criteria. Among them: ISBN code, title of books and, language of the text, author's name and so on. When the user has entered the search criteria, he will have to click on the magnifying glass icon. After performing the above steps, the mobile program will analyze book catalogs and show suitable results. They are allowed to sort them by novelty, relevance and so on. A person is able to click on the found book to read detailed information about it, including the synopsis. Also, the mobile utility allows you to download an introductory fragment of a literary work. If the user has a desire to read the entire book, he will need to go to the source.


  • Ability to quickly find book works;
  • Compatible with current Android versions;
  • Allowed to download an introductory snippet;
  • The program searches many book catalogs, including Open Library;
  • Free installation of the utility and further use.
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