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Visa Extra

Visa Extra
Category: Finance
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
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Visa Extra is a mobile program that can be used by the citizens of Belarus who have a Visa card. With the help of the application, users are able to use the bonus system, receive various privileges and so on. There is a Russian language version of the interface. There are data on expenses for different periods of time.

Purpose of the utility

Thanks to the program, a person can receive bonuses and privileges when using services and buying goods from Visa partners. To be able to use the utility, a user must be a citizen of the country of Belarus, own a card of the same name and register.

Bonuses and statistics

A person can enjoy special privileges when buying goods and services from partner companies. A full list of such benefits is displayed in the corresponding section of the software. These include:
  • Full insurance for the time of traveling to other countries;
  • Free luggage packing;
  • Reduced cost of booking hotel rooms;
  • Free escort at any airports;
  • Discounts on Bavaria cab booking service and so on.
Additionally, individual discounts and coupons are available to the user. The list of exclusive offers is regularly updated on condition of active use of the card of the same name. The corresponding tab of the application contains detailed statistics on the user's expenses and income. At the same time, transactions are automatically sorted into different categories, including grocery shopping, transportation services and more.


  • The presence of Russian-language localization;
  • The utility is designed for citizens of the state of Belarus who own a Visa card;
  • Access to financial statistics;
  • Full compatibility with the latest versions of the operating system;
  • Access to various privileges and exclusive discounts;
  • Free installation of the program and its further use.
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