Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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SPlay is a software with a Russian-language interface that works on Android devices. Through the utility, users can watch content from an Uzbek TV channel called Sevimli TV allows you to watch live broadcasts, recordings of TV shows, series, movies and more. There is a multi-language interface with support for Uzbek and Russian languages.


To watch the content available in the utility, the user needs to register by entering information from a mobile number or personal mail. In addition, the user is allowed to use data from a Google account for authorization. The user is given access to the live broadcast of the previously mentioned TV channel and its partners. The user can watch live movies, children's shows, music videos and much more. The online service has a huge selection of TV shows, movies, series and other content. Access to them is available after purchasing a premium subscription. It is worth noting that despite the presence of a Russian-language version of the interface, the content available in the service is presented only in Uzbek. This applies to live broadcasts, as well as series, movies, TV shows.


The mobile program is equipped with its own player, through which you can watch the content available in the application. The player has standard playback control functions, including volume control, pause, resolution selection, and rewind. There is also an option in the player that is responsible for enabling text accompaniment.


  • Compatible with newer versions of OC;
  • Online service for watching Sevimli TV channel;
  • Convenient multi-language interface;
  • There are alerts about new releases;
  • Large library with series, shows and movies;
  • Sorting of content by release year and other criteria is available;
  • The presence of a player that allows you to watch videos.
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