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System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
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Portmone is a program that allows you to make financial transactions. A function is available for transfers through QR code scanning. It is possible to pay for fares in buses and other public transportation. The functionality of the application is available to users living in Ukraine.

Account creation

A person is able to use the utility without going through the registration procedure. Nevertheless, the presence of a profile opens a number of new opportunities for the user. If a person decides to create an account, then he will need to enter information about his mobile number and mail address.

Financial transactions

The mobile utility gives the opportunity to make various transfers of money. Among other things, it is allowed to replenish the balance of the phone, as well as to pay for heating, water and other utilities. In addition, the software has the following capabilities:
  • Scanning QR codes;
  • Transfer money using bank details;
  • Fare payment in Chernihiv, Vinnitsa, Krivoy Rog, Ternopil and a number of other settlements;
  • Purchase of tickets for airplanes, buses and trains;
  • Transfer of funds via MasterCard;
  • Payment of taxes and fines.
All transactions passing through the utility are protected by a special algorithm. Therefore, users do not have to worry about data leakage.


If a person needs to perform the same transactions on a regular basis, he is able to form layouts. When creating them, the user can specify the dates of transfers, the exact amount of money and so on.


  • Free program with optional registration;
  • The ability to perform financial transactions, including payment of fines;
  • The utility functionality is available to users living in Ukraine;
  • Full-featured work on many versions of the operating system;
  • It is allowed to create templates for regular money transfers.
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