Category: Recording
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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CutMate is a mobile Android utility that acts as a handy video and slideshow editor. The program can be used by beginners who have never worked with videos before. There are various layouts that simplify the editing process.

Getting Started

Before starting to use the editor, the user needs to give the utility access to the internal memory of the portable device. Then the user will be able to undergo interactive training. Thanks to it, the user will quickly master the tools available in the editor.

Editor functionality

With the help of the program the user is able to edit videos and create beautiful slideshows. To do this, you should first add the files you want to work with to the application. The program is compatible with both video and audio files and images. After uploading the necessary files, the user can use one of the many available layouts. They allow to simplify the work on the video material. Also in the mobile editor there is a selection of various effects that can be added to your project. A special feature of the editor is the presence of a built-in neural network. Thanks to it, the user can generate videos in a drawn style. When the user completes work on the content, he will have an option to automatically design the video for different online platforms. These include: VKontakte , TikTok, Instagram , Facebookyoutube and so on. The finished video material can be immediately posted on a third-party Internet service. The user can also save the video in the internal memory of the tablet or phone.


  • Full support for modern versions of mobile OC;
  • Free video editor;
  • Availability of a large library of layouts and effects;
  • It is possible to add and edit the soundtrack;
  • Built-in algorithm for generating drawn clips;
  • Available clip art presets for YouTube , TikTok and other services.

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