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Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera
Category: Photograph
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 111


Cardboard Camera is a utility for Android that allows you to shoot in 3D mode using a regular smartphone. The resulting content can be viewed in virtual reality mode.

Basic requirements

It should be borne in mind that to access the functionality, you need to have 3D glasses Google Cardboard. It becomes possible to conduct panoramic shooting in three-dimensional mode and view the resulting clips. Also, not all modern smartphones support the work. At the same time, the list of compatible devices is available only in the program interface, so you can check only after installation. The main requirement for the built-in camera is a resolution of at least 8 megapixels. This is necessary for the final video to be of acceptable quality after processing. Otherwise, artifacts may appear.

Shooting mode and playback

The main purpose of the program is shooting in 3D mode. The original depth of the frame is preserved, the difference between distant and close objects is fully felt. In the process of work, the screen displays tips - how to position the smartphone correctly, what settings to use and so on. This will allow you to quickly find the optimal mode, even if the user has not previously shot a video of this type. Saving with sound is supported, the corresponding option is in the settings. Such clips look even more realistic. To view the content, the user needs to use VR glasses. The application provides its own catalog of photos, which allow you to assess the capabilities of the program. Images are shot on professional equipment and are divided into categories for easy navigation.


  • The utility allows you to take pictures in 3D mode;
  • sound recording is supported;
  • only Google Cardboard glasses are supported for viewing;
  • hints are displayed on the screen during the shooting process;
  • free download.

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