Category: Education and e-books
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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The LingQ utility for Android smartphones from a popular online resource is designed for learning 27 foreign languages, including English, Turkish, French, Japanese, German, Korean and others. The application allows users to master grammar and vocabulary.

Preparing to work

To start using the utility, the user must select the desired language and indicate his level of proficiency in it. In addition, he needs to create an account, as well as specify topics of interest.

Using the program

The materials in the LingQ utility are divided into categories according to the level of training and interests of the user. Their topics can be history, literature, sports, computer games, painting, etc. Learning is done both with the use of lessons and tests, and with the use of podcasts, news, voiced books, interviews. All texts in the program are voiced. Due to this their reading and translation can be combined with listening. The application has a separate tab for the dictionary, which is gradually replenished by the user.

Premium account

Purchasing a premium account provides access to locked advanced features. These include offline mode, statistics of words learned and already familiar, and removal of restrictions on importing learning materials.

Key features

  • the application helps you learn foreign languages;
  • the program is an official client of the LingQ Internet resource;
  • learning is based on real publications from the World Wide Web, similar to the Word Up program;
  • the program is free to download and use;
  • dictionaries, tests and lessons are available;
  • the application is compatible with working versions of the Android operating system.

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