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System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Pokecraft is a software tool that allows you to download third-party extensions for the famous video game called Minecraft. A new interface is available. Also with the extensions are introduced several dozen Pokémon and the appearance of Ash from the anime. The app can be downloaded to Android phones and tablets running Android starting with version 4.1.

Installation process

To use content from third-party modifications, the user needs to first download the official Minecraft client. Work with other versions of the popular video game is not provided. The process of installing modifications is extremely simple. The player should open the application and select the desired content. If desired, you can immediately download all new materials. Installation of extensions starts soon after downloading them and then clicking on the appropriate icon. When the installation procedure is completed, the gamer can open the entertainment project and enjoy new content.


The program adds a lot of new content to the entertainment project. Including in the game appear two dozen creatures from the popular Pokemon franchise. After installing the appropriate modification, a person gets the opportunity to catch pokemons. It is worth noting that the chance of new creatures may change over time. At some moments, the user will often meet pokemons, and at other times - very rarely. The mobile utility also adds a new interface and soundtrack to the video game. Such content allows you to better penetrate the atmosphere of the Pokemon franchise. Additionally, the player can change the appearance of the character to Ash from the anime.


  • Free expansion pack for the popular sandbox game;
  • Support for a large number of OC versions;
  • Ability to catch Pokémon;
  • Requires an official client of the famous video game Minecraft;
  • Easy process of installing third-party extensions.

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