Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 181


STEPN is a mobile client of the service for buying and selling virtual sneakers. The program uses NFT technology. You can create your own shoe designs. You can earn virtual currency by walking or running with geolocation enabled.

Start using

You can use the capabilities of the service only after logging in to your personal profile. In its absence, you will need to register. After successful authorization to the created account, the user will receive his own wallet for storing virtual currency.

Virtual currencies

There is an electronic currency Solano in the program. It is used for transactions for selling or buying shoes. It is worth noting that the user can exchange tokens for real money. The service is equipped with a second currency - GST. It is earned by running or walking with activated geolocation. After receiving this currency, a person can convert it into cash.


The program contains an exchange where other users buy and sell virtual sneakers. Each NFT item has its own set of characteristics, including the current level of pumping and rarity. In addition, sneakers are divided into classes. This is an extremely important characteristic. Depending on the class of the shoe, the method of earning GST tokens changes. For example, items with the class Runner allow you to receive cryptocurrency while running.


Virtual items have an energy scale. This indicator limits the possibility of earning coins. To restore this scale, the user only needs to wait a little. The amount of energy grows as the level increases. Sometimes a person will need to repair his items. You can do this with the help of special tools.


  • Online service for selling and buying virtual sneakers;
  • The ability to earn cryptocurrency by running and walking with activated GPS;
  • Fully functional on most versions of mobile OC;
  • English-language interface;
  • Built-in calculator for calculating approximate profit.

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