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System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
Program Status: Free
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PrintHelp is a program that resets the absorbent pad on various models of inkjet printers. The simple name for this pad is "pampers". This utility is suitable for Epson printers. Essentially, the "pad" is a filter that collects ink and soaks up ink residue when the nozzles of the device are pumped. PrintHelp resets the absorbent pad code for "Epson" printers.

Basic Function

When the absorbent pad becomes very dirty, the printer stops working, displaying a message with the cause of the problem. On printers with installed SNHR and direct cartridge refilling, the user receives false notifications about "pampers" problems and insufficient ink supply in the cartridge. PrintHelp resets all counters for printer operation. By using this program, you will get your machine back to working order and clear any confusing notifications. PrintHelp keeps your printer fully operational. You won't have to buy a cartridge or take your printer to a service center to get it working again. Buy a code to unlock your device and use this program forever. The code is inexpensive and intended for multiple uses. Program registration will be available if your printer is connected to the internet.

Additional features

PrintHelp resets the counter, cleans the printheads, and performs a device health check by writing data to the EEPROM section. In this utility, you view the printer serial number, perform a paper pull test. This test removes sheet bending during printing. You check the nozzles and diagnose problems in the printer's printing process and see information about the status of the machine. PrintHelp is a universal utility that is suitable for modern and old printer models. The program supports the Russian language and is designed with a simple and convenient interface. The shell of the utility is uncomplicated, and the functions are designed for the average computer user and do not contain complex concepts and commands.

Key features

  • the utility resets ink supply metering and clears printing problems;
  • print head testing and troubleshooting of a working printer;
  • compatibility with most brands of printing devices;
  • you need to connect your device to the Internet to register the program;
  • the utility works with EEPROM settings and checks the printer for errors while printing documents and photos.

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