Category: Services
System: Android 5.1
Program Status: Free
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iKolik is a software whose functionality is available to users in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. With the help of the mobile application users can follow the movement of buses and other public transportation. The program requires a stable Internet connection.

Start of use

A user does not need to create an account to access the functions of the program. However, a person will need to allow the utility to access geolocation before starting to use it. Otherwise, the application will not display the movement of public transportation.

Built-in map

The free program is equipped with a detailed map of the previously specified city. With its help, you can study the location of streets, roads and other things. However, the map in the program is needed primarily to search for public transport and check its movement. Buses and shuttle buses are displayed on the map in the form of special icons. The utility updates the location of all public transportation on a regular basis. If you click on the icon of a shuttle bus or a bus, you will see a red line that indicates the entire route of the transportation. The user is allowed to add specific routes and buses to the list of favorites. This will allow the user to find them faster on the built-in map.

City events

The creators claim that the utility has a notification system that informs about various events. However, at the moment there is no such option in the software. The function to send notifications should appear with one of the future updates.


  • Correct operation on modern versions of Android;
  • Russian-language interface text;
  • Detailed map of Shymkent city is available;
  • The program can be used only if you have an Internet connection;
  • Free download and use;
  • Allows you to follow the movement of public transportation.
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