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Data Monitor

Data Monitor
Category: Other (Network)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 120


Data Monitor is a software that helps users monitor Internet traffic consumption. It also allows you to study the current network speed. Detailed statistics for any days are available. The functionality of the utility will come in handy if you have a limited amount of Internet traffic. The program has a full translation into Russian. You can use the utility on tablets and phones running many versions of Android, starting from version 4.1.


The mobile utility is able to display the consumption of Internet traffic. In this case, a person is able to study statistics both for a particular day or other period of time, as well as to check the use of traffic by various software. With the help of the software, it is possible to view detailed statistics in the form of a diagram. It shows the consumption of online traffic on the mobile network and Wi-Fi separately. In the statistics tab, the user can choose the time period for which the report will be displayed. If the user has a limited amount of Internet traffic, the mobile utility can show its balance in the current month. If desired, you can activate the display in the form of percentages.

Speed and parameters

The utility is able to show the current network speed. You can also check your IP address. In the settings, you can activate sending alerts when a certain amount of Internet traffic is consumed. The user is allowed to independently customize the marks at which the software will send a warning. You can also choose the priority of such alerts.


  • Free utility for monitoring Internet traffic;
  • Availability of Russian-language localization of the text;
  • Available alerts to warn the user about the amount of Internet traffic spent;
  • Full functionality on current versions of OC;
  • Allows you to check the current speed of the Internet.

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