Category: Entertainment
System: Android 8.0
Program Status: Free
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Lensa is an Android application for photo editing. The editor contains a large number of tools for processing selfies. A set of filters allows you to make the photo professional and remove various artifacts in a few clicks. Automatic retouching and background customization are provided. The obtained result can be immediately sent via messenger or social network. To upload source material, you can use the camera or select a file through the explorer. All common file formats are supported.

Easy customization

The program is aimed at users with no experience. Many operations are performed in automatic mode, the process of adding a new effect is maximally simplified. All available tools are collected in a separate panel and categorized. A logical structure is used, there are no difficulties in the process of finding the right option. You can quickly remove wrinkles, various spots, make eyes more expressive. For any tool, separate sliders are available to select the level, which allows you to experiment to get the desired result. It is possible to mix several filters. Application of filters allows you to make a photo in a certain style without complicated manipulations. Short prompts are provided, which allow you to choose the right tool. A separate option allows you to step-by-step return to any stage of work, if the user is not satisfied with the current result. If there are difficulties in the process of work, it is recommended to study the reference section with a description of the main elements. This will help speed up the work, reduce the number of errors and improve the result.


  • you can open photos from the gallery for editing or take a new photo;
  • the main tools are aimed at processing faces;
  • background change function;
  • large selection of effects;
  • free download.
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