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Category: Entertainment
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 121


SoundStream is an Android app for accessing a catalog of podcasts. You can connect to live shows, subscribe to channels, and search for relevant content using the catalog.


The utility allows you to take part in interactive podcasts, which can have different topics and take place live. Audio plays and books of different genres are also available. You can use the author's name, topic or channel name to search. There are a lot of topics - politics, sports, humor, finance and so on. There is also a separate panel with a tree of categories for easy navigation. The mode of downloading files to the device for offline listening is supported. Standard file format is used, which allows you to open them in third-party players. You can subscribe to interesting channels to receive push notifications when the feed is updated. Also, the editorial staff forms their own podcast selections, a separate tab contains the best releases of the week.


The built-in player is capable of running in the background and after the screen is deactivated. This significantly reduces power consumption. All standard controls are available - setting the current volume level, playback speed, pause, rewind and so on. You can set it to turn off after the current song or activate a timer (range 10-90 minutes). When you go to the podcast page, a full description is displayed. The rating, duration, number of episodes and other technical information is also indicated. Users can add their own ratings, reactions, add to favorites and so on. This is taken into account by the algorithm when forming the overall rating.


  • access to the catalog of broadcasts;
  • content is divided into categories, there are selections from the editorial staff;
  • built-in player;
  • downloading files to your device;
  • free download.

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