Category: Recording
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 163


IDOLCHAMP is an Android application aimed at fans of the popular Korean show Show Champion (aired on MBC Music channel). You can watch the schedule, live broadcasts, and vote for contestants.


After voting, the user is automatically entered into a drawing for tickets to the show. The distribution is also done live. Information about the rules of the drawing and lists of winners can be found on the "Profile" tab. The winner of the music show is determined by a large-scale selection process. The selection is done in several stages, the show itself is quite popular in many countries and is actively covered in the news and major publications. There are large communities in the network. The project is aimed at finding talents from different countries. Participation allows you to show your talent to a wide audience, which increases the chances of further popularity. On a separate tab you can find all the necessary information about the rules of the project. You can learn the features of voting and ticket drawing. The schedule of new programs is available.


The built-in catalog is periodically updated with a selection of the most interesting moments. There is also a section with additional materials, including interviews with participants. The built-in player provides all the necessary functions for convenient viewing, including full-screen mode. Content is available only for viewing online, stable network access is required. The function of downloading to the device is not provided. It is recommended to use a stable connection to avoid interruptions during the viewing process.


  • The application allows you to vote for the participants of a famous show;
  • you can participate in the drawing of tickets and learn the result;
  • access to live broadcasts;
  • videos with a selection of the most interesting moments;
  • built-in player;
  • only available for online viewing;
  • free download.

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