Arcai com

Arcai com
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Arcai com is an application that allows you to manage Wi-Fi connection on Android devices. You can track statistics and block connected users. Settings are also provided to improve security.

Device requirements

To access all features, root privileges are required. Otherwise, some tools will not be available. A full description of all features and hardware requirements can be found in the application menu.


All available functions are divided into several tabs, which makes the work more convenient. The first section analyzes the status of the current wireless network, displays the list of connected users, as well as information about devices. You can get data about MAC, IP, name, security level and so on. It is possible to limit the access speed or add to the blacklist. This allows you to optimize traffic distribution, for example, for correct video playback on one of the devices. When you click on the user's name, an additional panel is activated, which allows you to set up an individual connection schedule for the user. You can specify the exact time using special switches. The Search tab allows you to search by device name, IP or brand. The Lock section allows you to hide the network from new devices, which reduces the likelihood of external attacks. In this case, automatic network search programs will not be able to find the network and launch an attack. The next tab allows you to edit the blacklist by adding or removing users. There is a report generation function that allows you to determine the traffic consumption of different users. The last section contains tools for testing, speed settings and blocking settings.


  • The application allows you to manage your Wi-Fi network and fine-tune the access mode;
  • root privileges are required to access all features;
  • You can limit the speed for certain users or block them;
  • Set up access schedules for selected devices;
  • free download.
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