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Oson Apteka

Oson Apteka
Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Oson Apteka is a special application that has gained wide success among the residents of Uzbekistan. With its help, you can find the most affordable medicines in Uzbek pharmacies. It allows you to find out important information in the form of working schedule and addresses of points that sell medicines. The software can be downloaded to all mobile devices that operate on the basis of Android. Thanks to it, you can compare prices and find the most favorable option. You can search for medication products by barcode and name.

How to search?

When the software is launched, you need to give permission to track localization or choose the appropriate region yourself. Then you will need to enter the name of the product in the appropriate line. If you do not want to enter information manually, you can scan the bar code from the packaging. This can be done with the help of a smartphone camera. After that, a list of pharmacies where you can buy the drug will appear on the display. If you wish, you can use filters to sort drugs by different parameters.

Points of sale of medicines

As mentioned above, in the program you can find out the localization of different pharmacies and create a route to a suitable institution. For this purpose, the software has been integrated with Google Maps. In addition, you can get a contact phone number.

Loyalty program

Anyone can participate in the loyalty program and get points for this. To realize this goal, you need to invite friends, and then users receive the corresponding privilege. Among those who passed registration, cool prizes are raffled on a permanent basis.


  • The opportunity to download and operate the software for free;
  • excellent service for searching for medicines in Uzbek pharmacies;
  • possibility to compare prices for goods;
  • availability of the function of sorting results by filters.
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