ISL Light

ISL Light
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 170


ISL Light is a mobile program with a Russian-language interface that allows you to control tablets and phones from your laptop or PC. For the utility to work, you need to download it to all devices involved in synchronization. It is possible to transfer different files, create screenshots and much more.


First, a person will need to download this program to the devices that will participate in the subsequent synchronization. After that, the user will need to open the application on a laptop or PC and then activate the session. Next, the program will provide a unique code. It will need to be entered on the tablet or phone. This completes the synchronization process, and the user will be able to control the portable gadget from a distance. It is worth noting that the program is compatible with Android gadgets, as well as laptops and desktop computers based on MacOS, Linux and Windows.


Thanks to the tools implemented in the application, a person is able to control the operation of mobile gadgets from a distance. In this case, the control is performed from a PC or laptop. One of the program features is broadcasting what is happening on the Android gadget. Such a function can be useful to read chats in messengers, view the gallery and so on. During the demonstration of the screen, the utility allows you to control the mobile device via mouse and keyboard. If necessary, the user can create screenshots and immediately transfer them to a personal computer or laptop. In addition, the application has an option that is responsible for sending files from one device to another.


  • Full functionality on modern versions of Android;
  • Ability to control portable devices from a laptop or PC;
  • The utility can be used for free;
  • Ability to enable screen demo;
  • Russian language version of the interface is available;
  • Mouse and keyboard control is supported;
  • Tool for transferring pictures, documents and other files is available.

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