Category: Recording
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 120


Larix is a software that is designed to broadcast video clips and audio recordings in real time. You can use the front and main camera of your mobile device for this purpose. In addition, you can save clips and take photos here. It is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to create content remotely. It is distributed completely free of charge, and the interface is characterized by intuitive clarity, so everyone can master it.


This software allows users to broadcast audio and video content in real time. This can be realized over any network via rist, srt and so on. It is also possible to send content via wi-fi, LTE or 3G connection. It is possible to stream to multiple connections at the same time. This program is designed for streaming and it can be applied for one-time broadcasting or broadcasting from different connected gadgets. The application facilitates users to launch almost any streaming with the appropriate parameters. For example, you can customize the frame rate, white balance and more.


The mobile client offers the use of encoding. It supports SRT broadcasting via the udp information transfer protocol. Here you can use the main and front cameras, as well as quickly switch between them. This utility can broadcast videos in portrait and landscape modes, as well as realize horizontal shooting. When choosing fps, it is important to take into account the capabilities of the camera of the mobile device. There's also video clip stabilization for phones that support it. The software can save the made content in different formats and take photos. You can turn on the flash and apply a selfie stick for more convenient shooting.


  • The program can be downloaded and used for free on android devices;
  • support for front and main camera;
  • Ability to save content and broadcast it on the internet.

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