Play Tube

Play Tube
Category: Entertainment
System: Android 6.0
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 113


Play Tube is an entertainment mobile software for Android, through which users can view videos posted on the famous platform YouTube it provides access to the listed video hosting and gives the opportunity to choose the most suitable quality of content. Also here you can subscribe to channels without registration, which is very convenient. It has an intuitive interface with easy navigation and structured sections, so everyone can easily master its capabilities.


This is an unofficial client of YouTube video hosting, through which it is impossible to publish video clips and leave comments. However, it allows you to watch content without any restrictions. The big advantage is that the software has no ads during video playback, which will really attract the attention of many users. There is no need to register for subscriptions to the channels you are watching. The program supports pop-up tools, and it has an improved search by text query. The search history is saved and autocomplete of the entered query is offered.


In this software you can select the playback quality, change the speed of the clip you are watching and use the auto play function. If you want, you can disable this option if you don't need it. In the application, you can also send links via social networks and messengers, or add them to a personal playlist. As mentioned, the browsing history is saved automatically, but it can be easily cleared.


  • The ability to watch videos on the video hosting service of the same name without ads;
  • the ability to subscribe to your favorite channels without registration;
  • the interface is implemented in English;
  • free software distribution on Android phones.

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