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Right Backup Anywhere

Right Backup Anywhere
Category: Download managers
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Right Backup Anywhere is a special utility on your Android device with which you can copy pictures, documents, contact list and other content to a cloud server. If desired, you can use the synchronization function, which is performed automatically. Thus, with this tool you can back up important media files and make copying schedules.

How do I register?

To use this program, you need to create a personal profile. To accomplish this task, you need to provide certain personal information. This includes an e-mail address and password. New users can evaluate the toolkit completely free of charge for a certain period of time. That is, you can use the application for a month after authorization. After that you will have to purchase a license. The trial period includes 100 mb of cloud memory.


When the mobile client is up and running, you can resort to selecting the content to be copied to the backup space. To make it easy to search, they are categorized into several sections. As their examples, we can mention pictures, documents, music, videos and contact list. Then you need to press the appropriate button and wait for the copying procedure to finish. You can set the files to be automatically deleted from your phone after the transfer. It is worth mentioning one more function, the essence of which is to create a copy on a schedule with a specific time interval. In addition, you can limit the use of mobile traffic to avoid wasting it. To do this, you need to enable downloading only when connected to wifi.


  • free distribution of the utility;
  • a tool for copying media content to the cloud;
  • the ability to configure the schedule for synchronization in automatic order.

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