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MTP Ringtones

MTP Ringtones
Category: Launchers
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 107


MTP Ringtones is a mobile client for Android, with which you can change the screensaver on your lock screen and desktop of your smartphone. It offers a wide range of wallpapers, ringtones, games and installation content. Thanks to this application, you can diversify the screen of your device and make it much better. The menu is intuitive, so it can be mastered by any user, even without knowledge of English. The program itself can be downloaded and used on a free basis, so no money will have to be invested.


The utility has a whole assortment of wallpapers built in, which includes an incredible number of illustrations. A huge plus is that all images are of high quality. If desired, you can use the keyword search and special sorting. All pictures are classified into different sections, including abstraction, cars, religion, religion, sports, games, gothic, cartoons, animals and much more. There is also a separate classification, which includes a selection of popular and new pictures. This software gives you the ability to expand the wallpaper on the entire display, add your favorite content to your favorites or send it to friends via social networks. Mobilny software displays the weight of the picture, tags, number of downloads and other useful information.


In addition to the catalog of illustrations, there is an extensive assortment of audio ringtones. It is also categorized by genre. Their examples include rap, rock, classical, electronica, jazz, pop and more. A separate tab is dedicated to music intended for alerts. In this software, you can listen to tracks through the audio player, find out their duration and size. Moreover, users can download install the file as an alarm, call, default.


  • A great tool to change your desktop screen saver and lock screen;
  • ability to install games;
  • huge catalog of pictures and ringtones;
  • the menu is in English;
  • free distribution of the program.

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