Category: Services
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Rebtel is a utility that is designed specifically for communicating with people who are abroad. High quality connection and convenient service makes communication as pleasant as possible. You can communicate with users from more than 50 countries.


The main advantage of Rebtel is that this service can call not only other users with cell phones and internet connection. You can also make a call to a cell phone, as well as to a landline. There is a separate function for this. Note that during its use, the utility will switch to a different billing mode. As the developers state, communication within this application is one of the most affordable. Thus, it is cheaper than in Skype or Viber. At the same time, you can pay for communication in 2 different scenarios. If you need to call a little, you can use per-minute billing. It will require payment for the actual time of communication. If you have to make frequent calls, you can buy a monthly tariff for one or another country. You can also invite your friends to Rebtel and get additional minutes that can be used for communication.


Of course, to start using it, you will need to be verified via your cell phone number. Immediately after that, you can start using the messenger. To call other users, you can use a simple Wi-Fi connection. If you want to call a cell phone or a landline, you will have to manually select the tariff and method of communication. One of the additional features of Rebtel is the ability to recharge your relative or friend's mobile account. In this case, the application will not charge any additional commission.

Main features

  • The program is designed to communicate with people from other countries;
  • You can make calls to landlines and cell phones;
  • Changes the tariff depending on the country;
  • You can top up other people's accounts.

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