Category: Online shopping and shopping
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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DMarket is a special program with which you can exchange inventory, items and other components from popular games. It gives you the opportunity to find a variety of offers and place goods in an independent order. The developers have created an intuitive interface in Russian with easy navigation, structured sections and concise design. The utility can be downloaded for free to devices that run Android.


This software is a development of the online service of the same name. It was produced to allow users to exchange and sell skins and other in-game items. It includes inventory from popular game projects, including dota, cs:go and more. In the presented mobile client, sellers must leave a request to sell specific items, and users, in turn, create a corresponding request. The system searches for offers that meet certain requirements, and gives the opportunity to exchange. The program works on the basis of bloxxain technology, so you can pay with dollars or specialized digital currency.


Everyone will be able to find offers from a huge number of users. The platform offers to buy a variety of items and skins, which are much cheaper than in games. To make it more convenient to search, you can use filters. Thanks to them you can sort products by category, price and game. The product that interested the most, you need to add to the cart, and then make its purchase. Immediately it is worth mentioning that for full operation it is necessary to register.


  • An excellent tool for the exchange and sale of game items;
  • huge assortment of relevant products;
  • free distribution of software on android gadgets.
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