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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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The Sworkit utility for Android smartphones helps you create a personalized workout plan. It gives users the opportunity to restore physical fitness using cardio and strength training programs in combination with stretching and yoga.


The utility provides access to exercise programs that can be done at home without going to the gym. They are suitable for both novice users and fitness professionals. It is possible to personalize the programs according to the physical shape and goals of the users. Low-intensity exercises are recommended for elderly people and users with chronic diseases. The duration of classes varies from five minutes to one hour, so you can create a convenient personalized schedule.


The utility utilizes the Sworkit methodology of circular interval training. The results are maximized by randomly combining exercises. This approach allows you to work certain muscle groups. There is a library for selecting individual exercises. You can combine the Sworkit method with other types of training.

Additional features

The utility has a paid subscription. One week is allotted for familiarization with the content during the trial period.

Main features

  • The application, like the "Your Trainer" utility, is designed to create personalized training plans;
  • the program combines exercises with elements of stretching and yoga;
  • after downloading the application, all its functions can be used free of charge for seven days;
  • there is an extensive selection of cardio and strength training exercises;
  • the utility is compatible with working versions of the Android operating system.

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