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System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Scanbot is a simple application that allows you to turn the camera of an ordinary cell phone into a full-fledged scanner for working with physical documents. With the help of built-in tools, you can digitize a document to edit it later with any convenient office program.

Getting started

To start working with Scanbot, the user will need to give it permission to use the camera. Without this, the application will be able to see the shooting, which will make its use simply impossible. After that, the user gets into a small presentation that shows all the features of Scanbot. Note that some of them will be blocked before purchasing the full version. By the way, the application offers to make an internal purchase right before using it. So you can get access to numerous filters, text recognition, autoloading and many other useful features. But when it comes to the basic scanner, it is available for free. Moreover, you can use it an infinite number of times, which will allow you to use the free version as a simple scanner without trickery. I would also like to say that in a similar utility Adobe Scan, you can get access to some set of paid functions for free.


With the described scanning feature, users can transfer any physical document into the digital space. It can be text, a picture, a graph or anything else. To do this, you just need to point the camera at the object. Note that the application needs some amount of time to perform the scanning procedure. Therefore, you need to follow the instructions that appear during the operation of Scanbot. For example, if the document is poorly readable, too close or too far away, the program will tell you about it and help you to find a more correct position of the document itself or the camera. Note that the utility is able to ignore unnecessary objects in the frame, so there is no need to try to position the camera to remove the table or background. During scanning only the sheet with the document will be included in the final result. If Scanbot fails to cope with the task of automatic cropping, it can be completed in manual mode. If you will be scanning multiple objects, they can be saved together, or each one separately.

Main features

  • The utility allows you to scan physical documents using a camera;
  • Has a paid version with more features;
  • Performs scans automatically, providing detailed instructions on how to proceed.
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