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System: Android 5.0
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DPD is an application that was officially created by the transportation company. With the help of the program functions, the user can track the position of their parcels at any time, as well as change the destination of delivery, make payment and so on. It is worth noting that the transportation company DPD operates exclusively in the territory of the Russian Federation and part of the countries of the customs union.

Parcel Tracking

The main function of the program is to track parcels. It is enough to simply enter the track number to get data on where exactly the shipment is now. The logistics network has a number of control points, passing through which the information changes in the program. This is how you can find out what approximate path the shipment has traveled. Also note that the data can be received in the form of a message to e-mail or cell phone number. Before starting to use DPD, the user needs to go through the authorization procedure. For it, simply enter your cell phone number in a special field, and then confirm the entry with a special code.

Parcel management

If a user has sent or ordered a parcel, it is possible to adjust the delivery parameters via the app. To do this, simply select a convenient date for pickup in the internal calendar and specify the pickup point. This applies to shipments that are delivered using a courier. Also working with couriers, the customer can rate him on a 5-point scale, as well as leave a tip and a comment, if desired. But it is also possible to come to the delivery point yourself. Also when working with DPD, the user can choose the tariff of its service, which will affect the cost of delivery.

Main features

  • The program is designed to work with the transport company DPD;
  • With its help you can track your parcels, as well as manage them;
  • Working with couriers, you can add tips and leave comments;
  • To get access to the functions, you will have to go through the authorization procedure.

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