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DayDay Band

DayDay Band
Category: Other (Travel)
System: Android 4.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 115


Day Day Band is an android-based software for mobile devices. It allows you to calculate your daily activity and distance traveled by synchronizing with your fitness bracelet. This is an excellent physical activity manager for the user, which allows you to accumulate and store data on the number of steps, calories burned and so on. In addition, the program builds analytics based on the collected data. The interface is characterized by a modern design, excellent navigation and structured. In this regard, the utility is pleasant and convenient to use.


The main distinguishing feature of this mobile client is that it can synchronize with smart fitness bracelets and electronic watches from a variety of manufacturers. To perform data exchange, you need to connect to the device via bluetooth and add it as a source of information in the software interface, after which it will automatically detect the device model and synchronize the parameters. For regular active connection you need bluetooth to be active all the time. It is worth considering that this can lead to private consumption of battery power, so it is worth being prepared for this.


In addition, the utility has algorithms for smart analysis of heart rate measurement and sleep process. Based on the obtained data, it can create graphs and display them on the display. Thanks to the display of such information, you can analyze your own sleep, use the smart alarm clock option and change the time of rising for the better. The software detects the current sleep phase and independently selects the wake-up time based on the set time interval. This approach reduces the unpleasant consequences of waking up.


  • free distribution of the program on android gadgets;
  • the ability to synchronize the utility with smart watches and bracelets;
  • the ability to view activity statistics.

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