Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 133


Kingsong is an Android utility that was developed by a monocycle manufacturer of the same name. Its main task is to allow the user to connect the monocycle to his own phone to get statistics and make appropriate settings. Personal achievements can be shared with friends via messengers, social networks and other resources. This software can be connected to a mobile gadget to adjust the riding mode and speed. To understand the capabilities of the interface is quite easy and simple, so no one will have problems with this.

How to make settings?

This software makes it possible to control the parameters of the corresponding device with the help of a phone. Users can set the maximum possible speed and a suitable riding mode, as well as perform the activation of the child lock. To connect to the monocycle, it is necessary to make a bluetooth connection. And at the same time, the operation of the software requires that the user is connected to the Internet.


The application helps users to get all data about the operation of the device. In particular, the mileage and operating time. Here you can select units of measurement, set up sound notifications, and calibrate. To view such information, go to the "My Device" section. There you can see information about the battery charge and internal temperature of the device. On the map itself, you can see the route that was realized earlier. The program allows you to share personal achievements in social networks and other resources. The leaderboard is updated on a regular basis and publishes the best riders of the week.


  • This application can be used by users who own monocycles from the same name manufacturer;
  • the ability to connect several gadgets to a smartphone at the same time to perform customization;
  • availability of data on the use of transportation.

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