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Ugoos‌ ‌TV

Ugoos‌ ‌TV
Category: Launchers
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
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Ugoos TV is a utility with which users can customize the interface of Android-based set-top boxes. You are allowed to customize the list of shortcuts, color schemes and much more. The program does not have localization of the interface into Russian.

Graphic design

To change the design of the interface, a person needs to download this program to a TV set-top box with an installed Android system. Then the application will install a third-party launcher, which will be available tools for customizing the appearance of the interface. The launcher is equipped with a small collection of nine color schemes. The user can choose any of them. The software also allows you to change the wallpaper. To do this, the user should choose a picture from the gadget storage or use one of the built-in images. A person has the opportunity to change the shortcuts of utilities, as well as customize their location on the display. If desired, the user can add a lot of small icons to the screen or, conversely, leave a small number of large shortcuts.

Other features

Free Launcher gives you the opportunity to systematize the installed utilities by thematic groups. Among them:
  • Video games;
  • Media;
  • Internet;
  • IPTV;
  • Other.
In addition to this, the launcher has a separate category for software that has been recently opened by the user. The software supports work with many controllers, as well as remotes. Thanks to this, the user can control the TV set-top box in different ways.


  • Free launcher for Android-based set-top boxes;
  • Allows you to customize the interface design;
  • Ability to adjust the distance between shortcuts and their size is available;
  • Built-in catalog of screensavers and color schemes;
  • Allow you to distribute the installed software into thematic sections.

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