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Bitcoin Alien

Bitcoin Alien
Category: Services
System: Android 4.0.3
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 93


Bitcoin Alien is an application that will be required by anyone who wants to earn cryptocurrency and sell it using their cell phone. The utility provides several tools with which you can do it for free and without serious time investment. Users can also use the app as a vault for their digital tokens. At the same time, the sale is also performed at an extremely favorable rate.


In its essence, the described program is a full-fledged platform, with the help of which you can create your own applications based on blockchain technology. In this way, the earning of coins is performed. All tools for creating programs are present inside, you can access them completely free of charge. To start using Bitcoin Alien, you must necessarily go through the authorization procedure. After that, the user gets access to the full scope of functions. At the same time, the developers have not even inserted advertising in their program, and therefore nothing will prevent you from creating projects to earn money. You will also get a personal cryptocurrency wallet. You can get tokens there with the help of the referral system.


All income in the program can be easily tracked without any serious effort. At the same time, Bitcoin Alien will provide access to detailed statistics of earned funds, provide the ability to make transfers to other users' wallets, as well as provide bonuses on the referral system. Note that if a profile is inactive for more than two weeks, it is automatically deleted with all tokens.

Main Features

  • The program is designed to make money with the help of blockchain applications;
  • No ads or paid features;
  • Allows you to store and transfer money in the account;
  • There is a referral system;
  • At the time of testing, the utility is not functioning.

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