Category: Other (System)
System: Android 5.0
Program Status: Free
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Hushed is a software through which users are able to get a new phone number from different countries, including Canada. The utility has no Russian translation. It is allowed to write SMS and make calls through the obtained number. The application is operable on many versions of Android, starting from version 5.

Declared functionality

According to the creators of the service, users can use a free tariff, the duration of which is three days. If you want to get a trial number, a person can choose between Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, this tariff does not work in practice. Therefore, a person cannot take advantage of the free service. Hence, the user will have to buy numbers.

Available tariffs

The software provides several states to choose from. Among them there are: Canada, Great Britain and a number of others. When a person decides on the desired country, he will be asked to choose a tariff plan. There are a total of five of them:
  • For one month;
  • For one week;
  • For three months;
  • For a year;
  • No Limit.
The last tariff plan implies indefinite use of the purchased number. After a person purchases a phone number, he/she will be able to call other subscribers and write SMS messages. It should be noted that when purchasing one of the standard tariffs a user will not be able to contact people from other countries. To get this opportunity, a person will need to purchase a special service, the term of which is thirty days.


  • Free utility with an English-language interface;
  • Ability to buy numbers from different states, including Puerto Rico and the US;
  • Full compatibility with the latest versions of the operating system;
  • Five different tariff plans;
  • Allowed to change numbers at any time as long as the purchased subscription is active;
  • No trial period available.

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