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Collage Maker

Collage Maker
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.4
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 118


Collage Maker is an Android utility equipped with a toolkit for modifying images. There is a collection of various inscriptions, emoticons and more. An option responsible for developing collages is available.

Working with images

First, a person will need to give the program the right to use the memory of the portable gadget. Then the user will be able to add pictures to the utility for their subsequent editing. When working with graphic content, the user is able to adjust various parameters, including color saturation. In addition, a person is allowed to crop the picture, thereby removing unnecessary details. It is also allowed to change the aspect ratio. A person can add smiley faces to images, as well as text captions. In the case of captions, the user is allowed to customize the size of characters and font headset. A large number of beautiful filters and effects are available in the editor's catalog. However, some of them are not available when using the free version of the application. To get access to them, the user will need to pay.

Collages and stories

The editor's functionality provides an opportunity to create creative collages. A separate collection of layouts is available in the program specifically for this purpose. The user only needs to select the collage template he likes and upload images. The utility is equipped with a toolkit that allows you to develop stories for different social networks, including Instagram when creating storizas, the user can use not only pictures, but also videos.


  • Editor for working with pictures, collages and storizas;
  • Huge selection of effects, frames and filters;
  • Support for many versions of OC;
  • Ability to adjust the size of the picture;
  • Some content is not available in the free version.

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