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Micro Guard FREE

Micro Guard FREE
Category: Other (System)
System: Android 4.1
Program Status: Free
Looking at the file: 100


Micro Guard FREE is a software that has the functionality to disable software that asks for access to the built-in microphone of your Android gadget. There is a notification system. The interface of the utility is fully russified.

The essence of the application

The program performs its work in the background, constantly monitoring the activity of applications available on the gadget. When any software tries to access the phone's built-in microphone, the program sends a notification to the user. Immediately after that, the software disables the work of the software.

Whitelist and archive

If desired, a person can add applications to the list of exceptions. The utilities included in such a list will not be disabled and can use the built-in microphone of a tablet or phone. After opening the corresponding section of the program, the user will find the archive. It stores records of all cases of software disabling due to attempts to access the mobile microphone. The exact time and date are displayed next to each note.

Other functions

In the program parameters there are settings for changing the incoming notifications. For example, the user can select an audio file that will be played when a notification appears. Also, a person can completely turn off notifications from this application. In this case, the utility will disable the software without warning the user. The user is allowed to set a security code. Without entering it, it will not be possible to open the mobile program. The installed password can be changed at any time, provided that the person remembers the current code.


  • A free utility that disables software that tries to use the gadget's microphone;
  • Presence of customizable alerts;
  • Allowed to include applications in the list of exceptions;
  • Full compatibility with a large number of Android versions;
  • Allows you to protect the program with a password;
  • There is an archive with the history of past locks.

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